Super Converger 2.0 Update

Finally gave ol' LD42 a polishing.

I've been working on PortaBoy in my spare time for the past few months, but that's turned out to be a beast of a renovation. So I decided to take a break and get Super Converger up to par.  So say hello to Super Converger ver 2.0.

I fixed some bugs, added lots of cosmetic and gameplay improvements, and tidied up lots of code. I still like the concept of this game and want to push the idea a bit further. There's still plenty of changes I want to make, but for now, I hope you enjoy the extra work on this project!


>Lots of cosmetic changes
>Level layouts are more organic looking now 
>Decreased map size for pacing reasons 
>Increased max ammo 
>Increased max bombs 
>Minor changes to wall collisions

Bug fixes
>Fixed occasional hang on level load (Supposedly)


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Jul 15, 2020


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