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this is game is pretty old, but i gotta say I really really love how the tempo of the music roughly matches the rate you need to tap fire to carve out a path while running.

bro, this is super cool, you need to make it a full game and put it on kickstarter!

Great game, ZQSD or arrow controls would be a nice addition for non-qwerty keyboard users

Amazing game! I really like the concept and idea. It's very unique! Very fun as well!

Already super fun and I see a ton of potential in this.
Loved it.

pretty cool :D 


nice game

This was pretty fun! Nice work!


Loved this game


can there be arrows key controls other than just wasd controlls.


This is really good, very well executed! Feels like the mechanics really work together, and the invincibility time is quite friendly which is nice. 


Simple but good gameplay


I would like to see this fully developed, it's really simple but really cool, great job!  


This game is SO AWESOME! I LOVE IT! Also,i have a question:what is the diffrence between downloaded version and none downloaded version?


Thank you so much! There's not much difference, but fullscreen should actually work on the windows version, lol. I'll have to figure that one out on another day.





Nice game dude, it's been a while since I've played something this basic and innovative at the same time


Just how  do find the stairs to the next floor? It's impossible.


Hey! I played a lil' bit of this on my channel!


Music is so good! I loved this game a lot. My only critique would be that the difficulty curve fell off fast and I wanted it to get harder, but great game!

Music is great. What tools did you use? Game is super fun.

Thanks for playing! I used GMS2, Aseprite, and FL Studio.

very nice idea! 

Nice Job !


is this made in gamemaker studio?


Yep. GMS2.

Any chance you could release the source code? I love to learn how you did the converging effect :)