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A very entertaining, if short, experience. Game is sufficiently challenging to engage and takes just the perfect amount of time to master. The secrets aren't too difficult to access, the presentation is very appealing, and the game is well put together; I didn't experience any technical problems. Overall, a very solid package that's definitely worth your time. Props to the devs!

If you got 50 score and got secret ending go to gallery and there's a secret 60th tab under 50 it's invisible and at the gallery box (where you pick your gallery) go to the really side of it and there's 2 tabs there's a cheat menu in the 1st one and on the 2nd one is a thanks for playing screen bye!

šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’– Five hearts is great coz you start with 5 hearts in portaboy lol

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This game is amazing! Saw a youtuber play it, thought it was super cool and immediately downloaded it!


Saves don't seem to be working on the downloadable version, got 50 score and all secrets but now they're gone ):


That's strange. There should be a file in User\AppData\Local\LD41 called with all your stats. Might check and see if that file exists or is getting deleted somehow. A new one can be generated by going in and out of the options menu. 

Well, I checked and that file isn't there. In fact I dont even have an "LD41" folder in my AppData. I tried opening and closing the options menu but nothing seemed to change. I installed the game through the app and not off of the website so i think that might be causing some file storing weirdness, but other than that the game runs perfectly fine.


Ah, that's probably the culprit then. I hadn't even thought of the itch app. Looking into it, thanks for the report!


I love Lumpy's Videos, so the art is great. oh yeah the games pretty cool too ig


retro games good

kewl game

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I love this game!!! Such great work. Have yet to make it to the end of the game. SO GOOD!!! Can't wait to do more videos on this game! 

Awesomeee! I pratically lost the day trying to make the true ending

the what?

It keeps crashing for me, when i click play and its loading the cursor disappears and it never loads 

this is such a family friendly and wholesome game :D


Assistant Here

In people Mind the Cow game is too easy

But sometimes They fail

Anyways if enchae is reading this 

The portaboy series marks the Chapters Of portaboy

Assistant out

Hehe...fat cow go BOING BOING BOING

i wonder if i can wait for the continuation of the portaboy

Hey, Assistant here If you have bugs about the game

Remind to enchae lumpy or Me

*Started playing at 5:11* This game is so good, the best part is that it's replayable and the added mystery and hidden lore keeps me coming back for more!

Fantastic! Enjoyed myself. Question: I reached a point in which I had lots of money, but could not purchase anymore ammo, thus I died. Is there a way passed this point or does it eventually reach a forced end point?

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Might be a rare bug.  Ammo should always be buyable if you have $5.  If it keeps happening, knowing the circumstances would be very helpful - (Web / desktop version, what browser, what round it happens on, etc.)

Hey assistant here, in the image you show the portaboy series those are chapters right now we are in chapter 1

Fun fact: Portaco is like nintendo

Assistant out

Yeh I noticed portaco sounded like it was supposed to be like Nintendo so I guess portaco is gonna make a portaboy mario lol

Hello, assistant here if you experiance dizziness or nansuea, Take a break from the game, if it still not working consult your docter NOTE: it is highly recoomended to NOT play in full screen if you play it on fullscreen it will increase the chance of dizzness and nansuea to take place

One of my favorite short horror games!  Amazing :)


Hey really great unique game. Breath of fresh air really! definitely hard to get all the secrets and stuff but it makes these games better imo! Anyways here's my playthrough with another game -


man this scared the living hell out of me lol

wow this is fun

In the game will you be able to play that rat game (I haven't made it that far)

amazing game will go back to complete. pretty challenging as well.


Creative, I like it!


Fantastic and HARD game! Great to see a horror game stepping outside the box. Solid 8.5/10

Everything is good about this game

OMG! Amazing :0

Amazing game!

i love it! Keep it up!

It's not a children's game...

Well....It wasnt expected for real :0000

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Please can you make it available for mobile??? It would be very funm

You can play it on Mobile.

there is not a single game that needs the keyboard.

I am on Lenovo Tablet and all I see is a black screen but the sprites that loaded were Portaboy,Portaboy+ Logo,the blue box where the play button is And the rest of the sprites are just black... I was looking so forward to playing this game... =( Here are the images (I would show an image but I can't take a screenshot cuz I don know how)

I had to make a 2nd video on this solely because Iā€™m in LOVE with this game. The last video I made was me getting my bearings of the game, and in this video I had to beat it.

Please, check out my video on it! Let me know what you think since I love feedback, thank you in advance! Stay safe and be responsible. ā¤ļø


a mobile port would be good

It should would!

Guys my head hurts feels nauseous and dizzy from the game what should i do.


you get off the game and start looking at some grass


I do touch grass and i play soccer so šŸ¤”

drink some water šŸ’€


hell do you think i do

This game is a 10/10. I love the gameplay and the music involved with it. Iā€™m debating making a 2nd video on this because of how addictive and enjoyable this game is. I recommend this game to anyone!

Please, check out my video and see if you can beat my score ;) ā¤ļø



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