When you gotta go you gotta go!

It’s finally here! The future in portable entertainment has arrived! The PORTABOY is the ultimate fun experience for the gamer on the go. Challenge yourself with EXTREME genre-fused games that will push your brain TO THE LIMIT! Beat games and earn REAL MONEY that can be redeemed at authorized retailers!*

*There are currently no authorized retailers


Life have you on the run? Still want that radical GAMING THRILL? Pick up your PORTABOY today, and you’ll have more than you can handle! WE GUARANTEE IT!

Manufacturer’s note: Unauthorized modification of the PORTABOY is punishable by a $10000 fine and a possible prison sentence of up to 10 years. Please game responsibly.

The PORTABOY team:


Enchae: Programming, SFX

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Lumpy: Graphics, VFX

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B-Knox (AKA Puke7): Music, SFX

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The Soundtrack

We cut some tracks for time, but you can listen to the full playlist here: